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A Peaceful Soul Helps Me to See the Beauty Around Me.

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A Peaceful Soul Helps Me to See the Beauty Around Me.

beautiful-soulI live in peace. My quality of life is rich when I allow my mind and spirit to be still. When I am at peace I am able to see the beauty that surrounds me.

I avoid taking that which exists around me for granted. I believe that each living organism has a special purpose. That belief encourages me to take the time to observe. When I am in tune with my surroundings, I appreciate the value of each person or thing.

Achieving a peaceful soul means accepting my life. Each circumstance I encounter is a blessing and a learning experience.

Instead of complaining about difficulties, I take the time to learn from them. When I am scared or uncertain, I look for sources of calm in my environment. I rely on my surroundings to help me to live a peaceful life.

Spending time with nature helps me to relax and meditate. When I am in the midst of beautiful plants and animals, serenity transfers to my soul.

Each wonderful thing that comes to me is a result of being at peace with life. My existence is beautiful because it is made just for me.

Today, I fully embrace the person I am. Life is beautiful and I am committed to finding the wonder in each moment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What strategies do I use to turn a difficult situation into a positive learning experience?

2. How often do I take the time to share in the success of others?

3. In what ways can I encourage a peaceful existence on a daily basis?

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