10 Ways to Add Some Adventure to Your Life


Is your life in a rut? Do you admire those people on the National Geographic Channel that are exploring the Amazon? Maybe you’re intrigued by stories of skydiving that your coworkers shared by the watercooler. 

Perhaps you’re sick of eating macaroni and cheese every Thursday night. Maybe you’d like to take a new vacation instead of camping down by the river for the 8th year in a row. 

You want to experience some adventure! 

Consider these strategies to add some adventure to your life and feel alive again: 

1. Find the time. While an adventure doesn’t have to take a lot of time, they all require some time. Make a list of how you spend your time each week and look for unproductive or unsatisfying activities that you can sacrifice for a little adventure. 

2. Say “yes” to new activities and people. When you say “no” your life stays the same. Say “yes” for a change and see what happens to your life. Remember you need to say “yes” to new things and people, not “yes” to going to the movies with your friend for the 100th weekend in a row. 

3. Get in shape. Not all adventures require a high degree of physical fitness, but you’ll have far more opportunities to be adventurous if you’re in good shape. For example, it’s not easy to walk to the top of a mountain or a waterfall if you’re overweight and your fitness level is lacking. 

4. Save money. The more money you have, the bigger your adventures can be. Of course, you can have plenty of adventures near your home for free. However, having more money creates more freedom and opportunities. Save your money for your adventures! 

5. Explore your interests. What interests you? Travel? The outdoors? Are you a daredevil at heart, but you’ve never had a chance to exercise that urge? The best adventures include your interests. 

6. Try a new food. This is an easy way to add some adventure to your life. Have you ever had Vietnamese food? Russian? Indian? Thai? There are plenty of foods in your grocery store that you’ve never tasted. Try one today. 

7. Take the scenic route. You likely take either the fastest or easiest route to every destination. Try taking the most scenic route for a change, or even just a different route. You never know what you’ll see or what will happen. 

8. Plan a trip. Plan a trip to someplace new. Make your own itinerary and ensure that you’ll have some adventures along the way. 

9. Talk to a stranger. Few things can add more change to your life than new people. Each time you leave your house you see dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people you don’t know. Each one has the potential to be an adventure! 

10. Do something adventurous at least once a week. Adventure doesn’t have to be something that only happens once a year. You can make the decision to be adventurous each day of your life. 

It’s easy to fall into the rut of living the same day over and over again. Once you find a routine that works, it can be hard to convince yourself to make any changes. But we aren’t meant to live the same day over and over. 

Your life can be adventurous without risking your life or your wallet. Start by giving yourself an adventure today! 

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