11 Simple Strategies for Overcoming Loneliness


overcoming-lonelinessWho hasn’t been lonely at one time or another? Loneliness is one of the most common emotions. No one is immune. While no one escapes loneliness, it’s possible to minimize the negative feelings associated with being alone. A few simple strategies can make loneliness easier to bear. Try to spend time with others and keep a positive attitude.

Try these strategies to minimize your feelings of loneliness:

1. Avoid isolating yourself further. For some strange reason, when we feel lonely, we’re likely to withdraw even further. This is a huge mistake. It’s easy to make yourself feel even worse. Others can provide a dose of reality, too. While you’re beating yourself up, there’s no one to challenge that reality. Spend time with others.

2. Be good to yourself. Loving yourself can be the best cure for loneliness. After all, if you find yourself alone a lot, you’re probably afraid of letting others get close to you. Raising your self-image can make it easier to connect with others.

3. Be nurturing. Taking care of a child or pet, for example, can lessen feelings of loneliness. If you don’t have a pet, this might be the ideal time to get one.

4. Get a hobby that involves others. Take an art class. Start a coed softball team. Join a bowling league.

5. Volunteer. Getting out of the house can be easier if you believe it’s for a good reason. Giving your time and attention to a worthy charity might be all the motivation you need to spend time with others in a positive environment.

6. Call an old friend. Remember the past with an old friend. Between Facebook and the internet in general, it’s easy to track down anyone not in the witness protection program. An old friend would love to hear from you.

7. Watch something funny on TV. All negative emotions are harder to experience while you’re laughing. Use that Netflix account and re-watch the first season of Seinfeld or other old favorite. Make yourself laugh and you’ll feel less lonely.

8. Go someplace new. Even if you don’t have the money to purchase a ticket to Bali, you can still go on a little adventure. Identify a nearby town you’ve never visited and take a drive or hop on a local bus and see where you end up. Novelty is an effective way to avoid feeling lonely.

9. Clean the house. Really clean it. You’ll feel more control over your life and it will keep your mind occupied for a few hours. You’ll also be prepared for any guests that might stop by.

10. Feel gratitude. Take pen to paper and list everything in your life that makes you feel grateful. Add to the list each day and spend a little time reviewing your list. You’ll definitely feel better and might gain some insight into why you’re lonely. Look at your list whenever you’re feeling down.

11. Take yourself on a date. Dinner and a movie can be enjoyable, even if you’re alone. You can eat exactly what and where you want. You can even pick the movie. For once, you don’t have to compromise.

Loneliness is a sign that you’re in need of more human contact.

The world is full of humans, so there’s plenty of opportunity to spend time with others.

Get out the front door and engage with other people. Spend your alone time doing something interesting and you can say goodbye to those feelings of loneliness.

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