8 Easy Superfoods to Add to Your Diet Now


superfoodsIt’s not hard to add superfoods to every meal during your day. They’re an easy addition that brings powerful nutrients, vitamins, and minerals into your diet.

Consider adding these superfoods:


Acai berries. Make your breakfast oatmeal incredible by adding superfood berries. Acai berries have antioxidants and vitamins that may fight cancer.

Ginseng. Spice up scrambled eggs with ginseng. This powerful superfood can provide energy and build muscle.


Kimchi. This fermented cabbage can be added to your wrap or stir fry for lunch. Kimchi’s probiotics will help improve your digestive system.

Quinoa. Add quinoa to your lunchtime salad or enjoy a quinoa pilaf. Quinoa may help lower blood sugar levels and help weight loss.


K ale. Add kale to your dinner stew or soup. Kale has many antioxidants and may help reduce cardiovascular disease and lower cholesterol.

Basil. Include this herb in your spaghetti sauce or tomato sauce for dinner. Basil may help reduce inflammation and has antioxidants.


Mulberries. Make delicious pies, tarts, and muffins with these superfood berries. They can help the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Goji berries. Mix goji berries with other fruits and berries for a delicious pudding. Goji berries increase energy and can strengthen the immune system.

Superfoods have many healing and helpful properties that are useful for the human body. Make a habit of adding them to your meals and you can enjoy their benefits every day.