A Night of Dancing Frees Me From Burdensome Cares


When I am faced with difficulties, I find ways to alleviate their burden. Dancing gives me an opportunity to suspend reality. Music takes my body to another world that soothes all my doubts and worries. 

Although I am brave enough to face my challenges, I like to approach them with a peaceful soul. 

Moving my body to the sound of music puts my soul at ease. Dancing gives me a sense of blissfulness that is therapeutic. It is beautiful to see how my arms and legs respond to melodious sounds. 

After a rough day at work, I turn on lively music. Listening to my favorite artists sends electric energy through my veins. 

The melodic beats get me pumped and ready to move around. When I start to dance, I feel the challenges of the day slowly disappear. Rocking my body to pleasing sounds helps to prepare me for a restful and relaxing night. 

The world appears a little brighter after a night of dancing. I realize that happiness is really found in the simplest things. Those things add brightness to life. 

When I allow my body to let loose, I feel undefeatable. My inner joy bubbles over at the sound of music. 

Today, I am thankful for music. Dancing the night away frees my soul and brings me peace. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How else am I able to minimize the impact of challenges on my life?
  2. Which type of music takes me to a place of carefree existence?
  3. How do I incorporate music and movement into my regular work hours?
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