A Surefire Formula for Sticking to Your Diet While Dating


Is your love life interfering with your diet? Maybe you find it easy to eat healthy when you’re on your own, but things become more complicated when you’re part of a couple. Dining out and snacking at the movies could be making your waistline grow! 

You can find love without sacrificing your figure. 

Use these ideas to help you manage your weight while you go out on dates. 

Sticking to Your Diet on Dinner Dates: 

1. Talk it over. If you’re on a strict diet, you and your date might feel more comfortable if you let them know about it from the start. Respect each other’s choices and focus on having fun. 

2. Find balance. You may be able to indulge a little on your nights out if you watch your calories the rest of the week. Your body weight and overall health depend more on your daily habits than on an occasional treat. 

3. Stay full. Going to a gourmet restaurant on an empty stomach could make you want to order doubles of each item on the menu. Fill up first with a light snack like yogurt and toasted oats or a mushroom omelet. 

4. Pick the restaurant. Keep a list of local eateries where you know you can order grilled fish or black bean chili. Use them when you’re planning the activities or when your date asks for suggestions. 

5. Preview the menu. Most restaurants have some light options or will be willing to accommodate you if you check in advance. Browse online for the menu and call them with any questions if you feel awkward asking for substitutions in front of your date. 

6. Slow down. Chewing slowly enhances your digestion and gives your brain a chance to notice that you’re full. You’ll consume fewer calories and enjoy your food more. 

7. Drink water. Sipping water can also help you to feel satisfied with a smaller serving of your favorite dishes. Take a drink in between every few bites. 

8. Limit alcohol. Cocktails can be fattening. In addition to containing empty calories, alcohol lowers your resistance to temptations like cream sauces and dessert trays. Order a single glass of wine or drink water only. 

9. Cook at home. You have more control over the ingredients when you prepare food at home. If you’re not ready to treat your date to a home cooked meal, you can still plan a picnic or other outing where you can bring your famous chickpea salad. 

Other Tips for Sticking to Your Diet While Dating: 

1. Plan active dates. There are plenty of date ideas besides dinner and a movie. Go hiking or indoor mountain climbing. Spend a day at the beach or in the mountains. 

2. Exercise regularly. Exercise provides many health benefits, including helping you to lose weight. Stay active in between dates by running in your local park or joining a gym near your office. 

3. Sleep well. Lack of sleep can disrupt your hormones and cause you to gain weight. End your dates at a reasonable hour so you can get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night before heading back to work. 

4. Seek support. If you’re dating someone who shares your fitness goals, you may be able to team up on healthy living. If that’s one of your less-compatible areas, stay connected with family and friends who will encourage you to keep on track. 

Dating can tempt you into overeating or give you an opportunity to learn how to stick to your diet while you socialize. You may even find a partner who wants to eat healthy with you! 

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