Chaos Encourages Me to Practice Centering Behaviors


Each chaotic situation I encounter gives me a chance to develop positive energies. Instead of reacting negatively to the noise around me, I step into the shadows, close my eyes, and bring peace to my inner world. 

Meditation keeps me grounded throughout even the toughest situations. When I take time each day to close my eyes and breathe, I become calm. I avoid allowing the circumstances around me to determine my reaction or state of mind. My response is based on how I allow myself to feel inside. 

Self-talk also helps me to center myself amidst the frenzy of life. I remind myself that the outcome of each challenge is dependent on how I react to it. 

When I listen to my own voice above all the others, I gain clarity of thought. The noise suddenly quells when I choose to hear what I have to say. This approach gives me power over even the most confusing circumstances. 

Looking at a scenario from the outside gives me clarity to manage it well. When I take myself out of the equation, I get a better view of what is happening.I can maintain a relaxed demeanor. It gives me a chance to think wisely and clearly. 

Today, I know that I am equipped to handle the chaos of life. Centering my mind and spirit gives me the tools required to come out victorious. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How do I identify those chaotic situations that I am better off leaving behind?
  2. What other practices can I adopt to help with centering my mind?
  3. How beneficial is the feedback of others in building my inner strength?
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