Divorce Is Not The End of Your Love Life


divorceIt’s come to the point where your marriage just can’t be salvaged. You just got divorced or are quickly heading towards a divorce. And you are feeling like your world just got impacted by a huge meteor.

Let me tell you that you are not going to go the way of the dinosaur and a divorce could be the best thing that’s happened to you lately. Yes, I am saying that a divorce could actually be a good thing. Let’s talk a little about what you can do to make this situation turn into a happy new beginning.

The first thing you need to do is realise that there is not just one true love partner for each person. Human Beings are capable of falling in love over and over. We are just wired that way by nature. So the old saying “There are more fish in the sea” holds true. There are many more people out in the world that you can meet and fall in love with. In fact, you will find a new partner that is better than the old one.

Now how do you find these exciting people to meet and possibly date? Spend some time reconnecting with old friends that you drifted away from because you got married. Old friends make new friends. One of their friends maybe the next person that you get to know and start dating. Always be interested in meeting friends of friends of friends. The more people you get to know, the quicker you will be back out enjoying the company of the opposite sex.

Attend happy hour with your co-workers. It’s a great way to wind down the day and meet new people. Go out to dinner, go to the theatre, go to a museum or go to a festival. See where I am going here. Get out of the house and spend time in places where other people are. Plus, there is nothing wrong with pampering yourself once in a while.

Remember that feeling you had when you first started dating your ex-spouse. You can have that same feeling or a better one with someone new. Whatever you do, don’t jump straight back into marriage. Have some fun and play the field for the near future. You will meet a lot of people and expand your friend base. And most likely meet several people that can bring that giddy feeling back.

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