Healthy Debate Increases My Awareness


healthy-debateI surround myself with people who help me to strengthen my critical thinking skills. Our thought-provoking discussions help me discover new knowledge, thoughts, and perceptions of the world around me.

I enjoy meeting others who can teach me something new.

Even when I am in the midst of a discussion about a topic that is foreign to me, I listen keenly. Each unfamiliar discussion spurs my desire to learn more. I enjoy opening my mind to new concepts and ideas.

I am open to the varied perspectives of those I interact with. Listening to their feedback gives me the chance to be introspective about my own point of view.

When we have a difference of opinion at work, I challenge my team members to support their perspective. I give them a chance to prove to me why they are on the right track. I am very accepting when someone successfully challenges my theory.

My willingness to be corrected expands my wisdom. I am humbled when the brilliance of others shows me angles that my mind prevents me from seeing right away.

Today, I am more objective because I stay open to healthy debate. I am committed to using discussion with others to expand my awareness. I increase my power when I remain open to new ideas and points of view.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to ensure debates remain respectful and calm?

2. How do I prepare myself to offer useful contributions to discussions with friends?

3. What are some of the topics that I prefer to stay away from discussing?