How to Become More Fearless


Your life would be a lot more interesting and rewarding if you could just be a little more fearless. Staying in your comfort zone is strangling your life. Just a tad more courage will help your self-esteem, too. 

You don’t have to just wish you were bolder, you can be bolder. There is a fearless person lurking inside of you! 

Use these ideas to build your bravery: 

1. Avoid worrying what others will think of you. Unless you can find a way to put yourself into the history books, it won’t be too long until there’s no one left that remembers you. So, what are you afraid of? 

2. Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Unless you’re in danger of falling to your death or losing a limb, there probably isn’t too much to worry about. When you’re feeling fearful, figure out the worst possible outcome. If you can live with that, there’s nothing to worry about. 

3. Deal with smaller stressors and fears. The key to managing big fears is to deal with the smaller ones. Your mind will become accustomed to your new patterns of thought and action. Plus, the skill and confidence you gain by overcoming smaller fears will give you the ability to dominate larger ones.

4. Learn to relax. The best way to overcome a fear reaction is to relax. You can train yourself to automatically relax when you first feel fear.Relax your muscles, think peaceful thoughts, and breathe deeply. Again, practice with smaller upsets first. 

5. Play the odds. How many of your fears actually come true? Some studies suggest the number is about 20%. So, there’s an 80% chance your fears won’t come true. If you can deal with the worst possible outcome, and there’s only a 20% chance it will even happen, you have little to worry about. 

6. Realize that fear only happens between your ears. Almost all fears are unique. You might be afraid of snakes, but your friend isn’t. You might be afraid of heights, but your sister finds them exhilarating. In most instances, you are the source of your fear. 

7. Focus on the positive possibilities. Rather than thinking about every little thing that might go wrong, consider what might go right. Allow yourself to feel excited about the possibilities. Imagine how much more exciting your life would be if you give yourself the chance to have something amazing happen each day! 

8. View fear as a challenge.Think of fear as the beginning of a game. See if you can get yourself to take an action that makes you afraid when you think about doing it. Of course, be smart and challenge yourself to do things that can actually improve your life. 

You can live a fearless life and experience many more rewarding adventures than you do now. Your fears are manufactured inside your head. You can let them go and be bold. 

Start today by doing something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t quite have enough courage. Just relax and do it. Show yourself that there’s nothing to fear. 

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