I Acknowledge The Need For Change


I believe that change is important to continuous growth. Being open to a new direction and accepting it results in renewal in my life

Each day I conduct a self-assessment exercise to identify areas for development. When I am honestly able to acknowledge an area, I take what comes with the change effort. I know that a rough road towards growth has a fulfilling end. 

My relationships with family and friends sometimes suffer from a lack of attention. It is important to constantly nurture them so our bond becomes stronger. 

There are positive changes that relationships go through when I make time to adjust my input. I make an effort to keep channels of communication open with loved ones. This helps us to stay current with each other and allows our relationship to evolve. 

I am proud of my role as a leader in my organization. It is important for me to evaluate and adjust my performance so I continue being valuable to the team. 

When I experience a setback in my life, I avoid allowing it to keep me down. I find ways to rebuild and make myself stronger than before. My fortunes turn around when I exercise creativity, resolve, and focus. 

Today, I am open to the possibilities that await me when I acknowledge the importance of change. I look forward to renewal and encourage it to achieve personal development. My inner strength comes from my openness to evolving. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What are some of the red flags that cause me to question opportunities?
  2. In what ways can I achieve a renewed mind and soul?
  3. How open am I to changes that require assessment of my friendships?
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