I Celebrate Cultural Differences


The world around me is like a cultural melting pot. I celebrate cultural differences that make life a rich experience. Diversity gives me the opportunity to be open to the uniqueness of others.

My workplace is blessed to have employees from different ethnic and social backgrounds. I take the time to learn more about the upbringing of my peers.

It is fulfilling to spend time getting to know people who are different from me. Their beliefs and customs teach me to respect and be open to varied points of view. My willingness to listen to them helps to make us more effective as a team.

I seek friendships with people whose cultural makeup is different from mine. Our time together is educational because it gives me an opportunity to learn.

Hearing their perspectives helps me to remain humble. It prevents me from getting caught up with my opinions. My diverse friends remind me that there are worlds of people with views as strong as my own.

Cultural differences show me that being different is at times more powerful than being the same. Holding the hands of people with different beliefs but the same end goal is exciting. It makes it easy to show tolerance in daily interactions.

Today, I celebrate the fact that I am surrounded by various cultures. I embrace each opportunity to learn about others and teach them about me. The collaboration that comes from diversity is wonderful to me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What strategies do I use to understand the actions of others?

2. How open am I to adjusting my perspective when it is challenged?

3. What characteristics do I look for in the people I choose as friends?

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