I Explore My Options


explore-my-optionsMy life is full of possibilities! A cheerful outlook makes me more aware of the abundance that surrounds me. I keep my eyes open and take risks when the rewards are worth it.

Calming my mind expands my choices. I can escape tunnel vision by overcoming panic and fear. Remembering my strength and courage lets me see that I am in control of my life.

When faced with a challenge, I make decisions that allow me to learn and grow.

Having options also means that I am accountable for my choices. I weigh the pros and cons before I act. I take responsibility for my decisions.

I enhance my relationships by breaking old patterns and experimenting with more effective responses. I listen to my children instead of nagging them. I express my true feelings to my partner rather than hoping they can read my mind.

I move ahead in my career by adding to my knowledge and skills. I register for a continuing education course and learn from my colleagues.

I devote my free time to rewarding activities. I turn off the TV and put down the phone.

I make decisions that increase my health and wellbeing. I exercise daily and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I set aside time for meditation and relaxation.

Today, I celebrate my choices. I look at the big picture and expand my options to make the most of my opportunities.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What role does free will play in my life?

2. What is one new option I can pursue to follow my passions?

3. How can my family and friends help me to sort out my options?