I Live By Faith

Even when life brings unfavorable circumstances, I avoid becoming downtrodden. My status as a blessed being encourages me to live a life filled with faith.

Financial difficulties serve as more of a challenge than an impassable obstacle. My ability to make it through tough times in the past is proof that each new challenge passes with time. Faith teaches me to banish thoughts of giving up.

Faith drives my parenting activities. I realize that showing belief in my children helps them to go through life confidently.

Encouraging my kids pushes them towards greatness. I believe that the effort I put into their lives eventually yields positive results.

When I am uncertain about the outcome of a personal situation, I avoid worrying. I know that I have what it takes to handle whichever result I end up with.

My faith keeps me calm in the midst of crisis. I realize that worrying rarely helps anything. When I approach unfavorable situations with a relaxed and faithful heart, the solutions present themselves before me.

Today, my life is a positive example to those around me. I am committed to believing that the answers present themselves at the right time. I ensure that my faith remains unwavering throughout even the most challenging times.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Which situations are most likely to test my faith and cause me to doubt myself?

2. What steps can I take to show my loved ones that I believe in their abilities?

3. When life throws me curveballs, how do I adjust without feeling confused or flustered?

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