I Maintain Relationships That Are Worth My Time And Effort


Each of my relationships carries importance. I avoid taking interactions for granted. Over time I am able to identify the relationships that are worth my time and effort. Those are the ones that I work at maintaining. 

I have many friends, but there are some whose friendship I treasure greatly. My connection with them is based on our compatibility. 

Having relationships with people who I connect with is important to me. When I find people with similar beliefs I keep them around. Our association helps to keep me focused on positive living. 

I put in the work required to keep healthy relationships intact. My friends and associates know that I am reliable and available to support their interests and needs. 

My focus is on having richness in my life. I stay away from building relationships with those who promote negative lifestyle choices. 

After I hang out with my friends, I feel fulfilled when we go our separate ways. I enjoy sharing ideas and thoughts about making a positive impact on our communities and on each other’s lives

Today, I know that my time is valuable and precious. I am focused on spending it on worthwhile ventures with those who share my interests. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How do I measure the value of a relationship with an acquaintance?
  2. How do I ensure that I give my best to others who look up to me?
  3. How difficult is it for me to sever ties with negative people in my life?



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