I Overcome the Resentment of Others


I am able to ignore the resentment and anger of others. I understand that anger and grudges are a natural part of life’s learning process, and feel that perhaps these unpleasant people are still learning how to deal positively with their own emotions. 

It is also easy for me to look past the resentment I see in others because I understand that they have both positive and negative qualities. I know their hearts are filled with many different ideas and I choose to focus on their positive qualities. 

I find my sense of peace and avoid confrontations. I avoid jumping to conclusions or filling my own heart with resentment. 

My desire is to understand, develop, and grow, so I let go of anger and other negative emotions that may be counterproductive to these goals. 

I am able to stop self-defense tactics that hurt others. I prefer to act instead of react. I focus on how we can all overcome resentment together and move on. I search for a solution that helps us both. 

My rational mind and spirit see the benefits of teamwork and love. My ego is able to stay behind as I examine the world around me. 

Today, I am able to overcome the resentment of others. I leave it behind as I move forward toward a more beneficial relationship. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How can I avoid holding grudges and help others learn to let go of theirs?
  2. How can I ensure resentment does not occupy my mind or heart?
  3. How can I help my children move past anger when they encounter it?