I Protect the Environment


I treat the world I live in with kindness. I protect the environment by carrying out activities to preserve life in its many forms. 

Plants and trees are an essential part of human existence. In my own way, I avoid destroying them by using recyclable products made from trees. I also use safe alternatives whenever possible. 

I remain conscious of how the animals on our planet are treated. I support initiatives that defend against cruelty to animals. 

There are clubs and organizations in my community that educate me about protecting the environment. I take part in those organizations by spreading the word to those in my circle of influence. I also take part in cleanups and other activities that prevent damage to natural resources. 

Although my own efforts are tiny compared to the magnitude of the situation, my actions raise awareness. Each time I participate in an environmental activity, I bring attention to the matters that require wider attention. 

My immediate surroundings are environmentally friendly. I educate my family members about ways to achieve environmental consciousness. 

Today, my ongoing well-being on this Earth is dependent on how kind I am to the environment. I am committed to doing my part to keep all natural resources safe and protected. Adding my voice to the chorus allows the song to be heard much louder. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What are some environmental activities that I can introduce to others?
  2. How does environmental awareness impact the activities I like to participate in?
  3. How can I raise my level of consciousness about environmental causes? 
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