I View the Beauty of the World Through the Eyes of Children


I respect that the innocence of children opens them up to diversity. Acknowledging a stranger as an equal human being is humbling. It keeps me in touch with the fact that each person is uniquely and wonderfully made. 

My children inspire me to be fearless. When I dive into the unknown, I realize that new experiences are filled with awesomeness. 

The fearlessness of children inspires me to anticipate only the best. Approaching life with that unassuming outlook gives me an open mind. It reminds me that even situations that are less favorable than I want have potential for greatness. 

My challenges lessen whenever I remind myself to take it easy. Having a childlike, free spirit prevents me from taking disappointments too hard. 

Being alive is enough encouragement for me to move on from difficulty. I think about the days ahead with juvenile excitement. Only good things lay before me when I choose to remain optimistic. 

Today, I realize that having a naïve outlook to life has its benefits. I am committed to opening my eyes to the beauty around me. My experiences are fulfilling when I allow myself to take a childlike approach to life. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. Which situations require a grown up approach to resolution?
  2. How can I use the perspective of children to improve my quality of life?
  3. What other lessons do children teach me?