Injecting Imagination In Your Daily Life


imaginationWhen we think of imagination, often, we think of it in terms of coming up with stories, with daydreaming, or with having imaginary friends. That is to say, we think of it as entertainment and certainly as ‘separate’ from the real, ‘everyday’, tasks that occupy our minds the rest of the time.

But, in reality, imagination doesn’t just belong to daydreamers and isn’t just useful for storytellers. Imagination can in fact be a very powerful tool in almost every situation and has almost endless uses and benefits. And when you bring some imagination into your more mundane activities, it can make life seem almost magical.

Examples of Imagination in Daily Activities

One example of life becoming more exciting when you have a good imagination is how it can help on a date. Someone who lacks imagination might suggest a meal for a date. Someone who is a little more creative and willing to think outside the box though, might, instead, suggest a moonlit walk followed by a picnic and stargazing. Which is more likely to impress the date?

And if you want to get even more imaginative, then you shouldn’t just save your more creative ideas for special occasions like dates. Why not make your ‘normal’ days more exciting and imaginative too? How about tonight you create an assault course in the living room? Or the ultimate game of tiddly-winks that involves firing them off of the counter and over obstacles?

Imagination at Work

Likewise, using a little imagination at work can lead to amazing breakthroughs that may just be game changing. Even if your job is the ‘dull’ kind that doesn’t seem to leave much space for creativity, that’s not to say there aren’t ways you can bring your own ideas to it, or things that could be done differently or better.

The employee with the great imagination is the one who says: what if we do things this way? Or maybe: could we run a promotion with X business? And they’re the same ones who can potentially earn their employers millions.

All of us have imaginations. The only difference is how much we use them. When we fall into a routine it’s easy to forget to apply creative thinking. So from now on, take a moment out, even during your routine tasks, and ask if applying a little imagination might lead to positive results.

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