Making Lists Helps Me Stay Organized


making-listsMy day quickly becomes full of tasks. My priorities are fluid, so I constantly reevaluate what I must—and can—accomplish before the end of the day. I set realistic goals, determined by my workload and work pace.

Creating lists aids my ability to focus on the current task while maintaining an awareness of what needs to be accomplished next.

Beginning my day by plotting my work helps me to prioritize. I visualize which tasks need to be completed first and estimate how long they may take to complete.

Giving myself extra time to complete assignments allows for a buffer, in case unexpected obstacles arise. I attempt to plan for the unexpected.

After a break or lunch, I quickly revisit the list. My working list is always open to revision, because I know new tasks arise throughout the day. Priorities change, and I am able to adapt to these changes easily.

Removing completed tasks and adding new work to my list enable my ability to see the progress I make during the day.

Today, I anticipate the unexpected. In order to be successful, I must be flexible. Therefore, I allow my list to change with time, fluid priorities, and the can-do attitude that I bring to each new task.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How much time should I spend creating a list of tasks and priorities?

2. When is the best time to evaluate (and reevaluate) my priorities for the day?

3. How does making a list help me outside of the workplace?

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