My Diet Promotes Good Health


Taking a healthy approach to what I consume ensures that my mind and body perform well each day. 

My food choices help to determine how well my brain functions when executing tasks. I am disciplined about eating foods that promote alertness and sharp thinking. When I have those foods, I see a marked improvement in my output at work. 

My internal organs get a boost of vitamins and minerals with each meal I eat. I pay attention to the properties of major ingredients in foods. 

I balance my daily nutritional requirements. When my organs are properly fed, they keep bodily functions operating optimally. I feel energetic when I follow a healthy eating regimen. 

Eating well encourages me to practice other healthy habits. My body benefits from a combination of a good diet, adequate rest, and exercise. 

When I get enough hours of rest each night, I avoid over-burdening my body. I also incorporate regular exercise into my overall wellness routine. Exercise complements vitamin-rich foods in preserving my muscles and bones. 

Healthy living also involves reducing my intake of high calorie foods. Most of the time, I avoid indulgent foods and beverages. 

Today, I realize how much my good health supports me in my life goals. I am committed to treating my body well. Being good to myself results in the ability to achieve longevity and success. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. Where do I get guidance from in order to make good food choices?
  2. How much leeway do I allow myself when I feel like splurging on indulgent foods?
  3. What factors tend to get me off track with my health regimen?
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