My Emotional Wellness Supports My Physical Health


Each morning I listen to the utterings of my soul. Paying close attention to it keeps me in tune with my emotions. I build up emotional wellness before I start to tackle the day. Effectively managing my emotions contributes to my physical well-being. 

Whenever I am down, it is easy to lose interest in exercise and healthy eating. But I avoid that trap by resolving my emotional challenges. 

I pay attention to the triggers that put me in unhealthy moods. When I tackle the source of my state of mind, I am able to come out on the bright side. I am able to focus on healthy living when I take care of my spiritual unsettlement. 

Being unsettled in my soul and heart leads to stress. I avoid getting to this stage because I know how easily stress weighs on my body. 

To avoid physical breakdowns, I keep my feelings in check. I involve myself in activities that develop my ability to cope, block out unhealthy triggers, and help me to maintain a positive outlook. 

I surround myself with those who display helpful and encouraging behaviors. They contribute to the wellness in my soul. 

Today, I am committed to feeding and renewing my spirit so it is equipped to keep my physical health in top shape. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What activities are beneficial for my emotions?
  2. How do I achieve peace of mind before going to bed each night?
  3. How do I know when my soul is unsettled and in need of external support?