My Heart is Strong


Life can be challenging, but my heart is strong. 

I love deeply. I cherish my family and friends. I surround myself with loved ones who give me encouragement and support. I remember how much they enrich my life. I let them know what I admire about them. 

I care about the welfare of others. Their wellbeing is important to me and I treat them with respect and consideration. I give generously. I share my time, knowledge, and possessions. 

I forgive others. I accept that disappointments are a part of life. I let go of judgments and resentments. I focus on healing and reconciliation. 

I seek the truth. I want to know more about myself and the world around me. I have the courage to ask tough questions. I am committed to leading an authentic life. 

I stay centered. I balance my personal and professional responsibilities. I think positive and manage stress. I give my body what it needs to stay fit with plenty of whole foods, regular exercise, and high quality sleep. I feel vital and energized. I live in the present. 

I am willing to be vulnerable. I open up my heart and take sensible risks. 

I listen to my feelings. By acknowledging my emotions, I can honor them while keeping them under control. I am gentle with myself when I feel sad or angry, but I still weigh the consequences before I act. 

Today, I rely on a strong heart. The power of love keeps me happy and engaged. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What is my heart telling me today?
  2. What are 3 words I would use to describe my heart?
  3. How can my heart and mind live in harmony?
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