My Soulmate Contributes to Making My Life Richer


There is so much substance within my soul. I treasure having others to express my innermost self to. My soulmate provides me with an outlet to explore and discover what makes me tick. 

My life is richer because I am able to share all aspects of it with another person. Being exposed to their perspectives is enlightening and rewarding. 

Sharing my deepest feelings with someone who accepts me wholeheartedly is freeing. My self-confidence gets a boost with each personal thought I share. I am more accepting of myself because I have the encouragement of my soulmate. 

I initiate getaways with my confidante so we are able to concentrate on each other. Having that alone time allows us to communicate without distractions. 

Having the hand of another person to hold is comforting. It gives me the confidence to be myself despite opposition from others. Being able to stand firmly with my kindred spirit reinforces my commitment to my life choices. 

I am able to live in each moment because having a soulmate heightens my consciousness. I am encouraged to seek the worth in each experience. 

Today, I celebrate having someone who encourages me to see and accept my true self. Having a soulmate provides a path to continuous growth and self-actualization. The person I am today is realized because of the other voice that speaks to my soul. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How supportive am I of my soulmate?
  2. What are some of the inner truths that I have a hard time coming to terms with?
  3. How does having a soulmate impact the approach I take to relating with others?
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