Practicing Healthy Habits Contributes to Productive Behaviors


My days are filled with activities that encourage efficient use of my time. When I practice healthy habits, I am able to be more productive each day. 

My most important healthy habit is getting enough sleep. I allow myself to get sufficient rest regardless of what my day looks like. Resting well gives me the energy required to make the most of the day ahead. 

A good diet is also essential for productivity. When I include vegetables and fiber in my diet, I am less sluggish. My mind is clear when I feed my body right. 

I avoid having meaningless discussions with friends and acquaintances. Although light conversation helps me to de-stress, I stay away from gossiping about the actions of others. 

When I avoid counter-productive habits, I have more time in my day to produce results. 

My targets at work are attainable because I prioritize. Critical assignments get first priority. Spending more time on larger projects allows me to get significant things done for the company. It also allows me to have pockets of time for achieving smaller goals in between. 

I end each day with exercise because it helps me to unwind. Taking the time to treat my body well is important to preparing for the challenges that lie ahead. 

Today, I make a conscious effort to practice healthy habits. I embrace the things that help me to feel rewarded at the end of each day. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How much room do I leave in each day to learn something new?
  2. How do I use my spare time?
  3. What habits can I practice to ensure I stay committed to being productive?
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