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The day you had your first child, it was inevitable that this day would come. No child stays home forever, hopefully. You were destined to be an empty-nester-mom the day your first child came into the world. 

You may have spent pretty much your entire adult life so far raising your kids. If you’re over 50, you may even be fostering the notion that your life is nearly over. You suddenly feel a double whammy of empty-nest plus mid-life crises – all at the same time. 

So, what now? 

What are you going to do? The main focus of your life is gone. The primary buffer in your marriage is gone. You’re likely to have greatly reduced contact with all the other moms once your children no longer share classes and high school activities. 

You’re likely to have more money, time, and freedom than you’ve had in a very long time, but what are going to do with them? 

How are you going to deal with the fact that you’re not going to see or speak to your child each day? 

How will you manage your relationship with your spouse? Kids are a lot to have in common, and that commonality is greatly reduced now. What does the future hold for you and your significant other? 

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to transform that void in your life and build an exciting and fulfilling future! 

Consider these topics in this ebook as a way to learn more about yourself and your options as an over-50 mom with an empty nest. 

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