Setting the Stage for Success


successThere are certain aspects of success that require chance. For instance, you can be a great baseball player and never be picked up by the majors. However, in many cases, you can be responsible for setting the stage that can lead to a higher chance of success. No matter what you are trying to become successful with, these tips can help.

Start by getting the word out about who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. This can be as simple as going out to a coffee shop or some other public place and talk to people. Become interested in them and find out what they are about. Get their stories and see if there is anything you can do to help them out in some way.

Always increase your exposure by using the internet. Everyone should set up a blog. They are cheap (and even free) and are quite easy to implement with tools such as WordPress, etc. The key when implementing your blog is to create high-quality content and do it frequently. There is no guarantee that you will get traffic that way, but you are practically guaranteed not to if you don’t. Write about topics as they relate to what you want to become successful with.

Use social media to get the word out. In fact, whenever you post something on your blog, post that fact on your social media channels. Stay away from messages like “buy my stuff” and instead, post useful tips or resources. You can use whichever social media channels to get people to link back to your blog. But trying to sell directly from social media is no longer effective. It’s called social for a reason.

Create a newsletter that is related to your topic or field. Even if you were trying to become a professional baseball player, why not come up with a newsletter about how to play the game better? This is a great way to build up a fan base. It’s much easier to approach agents from a position of power (increased fan base) than if you were trying to start with nothing. The rock band Phish did this. They had over 100,000 fans before they approached record companies. The record companies were fighting for the contract.

The strongest method of success is when others do the work for you. If you can get others to promote what you are about, the chances of you succeeding are going to be great.

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