Setting Yourself Up For Success


successI begin this blog post with a bold statement: whatever your mission in life, you have the ability to set yourself up for success. You can establish success for yourself!

Have you ever wondered how is it that some people seem to achieve continual success whilst everyone else seems to flounder, going from one thing to the next, from dream to dream, desire to desire, without ever establishing that consistency of success?

How is it that one group of people is able to achieve that constancy of success and the other not? Well, in this blog post I will outline the five things that account for the success of the one group and, more importantly, how you can use the same to set yourself up for success.

The Myths of Success

However, firstly we need to dispel a couple of common myths about success.

1. There is no such thing as overnight success.

Very rarely in life does anything of significance happen quickly. In fact, it normally takes longer than we expect it to.

2. There is no such thing as auto pilot results

You never reach a level of success that allows you to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor for the rest of your life without having to worry again. Most successful people continue to have ups and downs. They do not achieve results and then continue to have non-stop success without working for it. It just does not work that way.

Setting Yourself Up For Effortless Success

It is easy to look at other people with envy at the effortless way with which they go about achieving their success. But how do they do it and how can you replicate their success?

1. Set Yourself Three Priorities

The first thing to do is set yourself, at most, three priorities, for the next twelve months. This is because, at a practical level, if you have more than three priorities, then you have no priorities at all. By three priorities I mean the three things that you “MUST” accomplish in the year. These priorities do not all have to be in the same category, for example, three business priorities, but it helps if they complement one another. For example you could have a Health & Fitness priority, a Financial priority and a Business priority, that all work together to make it your best year ever.

2. Set a theme for the twelve months

An example of a theme might be something like “Step out of my comfort zone,” or “Take my business to the next level.” The theme you choose will help define your priorities. Look at your year as a mission or a twelve month campaign.

3. Use goals as check points not as ends in themselves

In other words, use goals as indicators of whether you are making progress towards your priorities. For example you can break the year up into quarters and set quarterly goals to use as checkpoints along the way to accomplishing your three priorities.

4. Establish belief in your mission

At your core you have to believe in your mission. You have to be almost arrogant in your belief. This does not mean your belief will not sometimes be shaken. Challenge yourself about your three priorities but not to a point where you start to disbelieve. It is important to have a level of belief that will enable you to stick with your mission for the duration.

5. An uncommon level of commitment

You have to have an uncommon level of commitment. Your level of commitment has to be so uncommon it borders on obsession. Obsession is a calling that will pull you out of bed early in the morning, keep you up at night and keep you powered throughout the day. Even on the days when you feel a bit off, or you are tired, or results are not showing or other people are nagging you about when your thing is going to work, all that will not matter because you are obsessed. Then the doubters and the naysayers will just blend into the background and you will not notice them. When you are obsessed about your mission, then you will surely to get there.

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