There is Somewhere I Belong


There is a space in this world for me. I belong to a unique habitat that caters to my mind, body, and soul. Each day I carve out a little more of that space to take me closer to what is mine. 

At times, I feel like the odd one out, but I avoid feeling frustrated or disappointed. I accept that reality for one person is different from that of another. 

I identify with friends who share my taste in entertainment. Although there is so much to do, I choose to do things that I feel comfortable with. I stay away from any activities that go against my beliefs and convictions. 

My heart opens to the plights of others very easily. I believe I am meant to help anyone whose need comes to my attention. 

I belong in a world of philanthropy because that is where I am able to offer the most help. There is a sense of fulfillment when I get involved with campaigns to assist the needy. I feel at home when I make life comfortable for others. 

It is easy to turn away from environments that hardly satisfy my desire to learn. I seek out knowledge and sources that provide it. 

Today, my journey to that place where I belong is exciting and enlightening. I embrace each experience that guides me in a direction that calls to my soul. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What cues do I use to determine if someone’s behaviors are toxic?
  2. How often do I get frustrated as I search for that feeling of belonging?
  3. What are some of my traits that attract the energy I am interested in?