What REALLY Drives a Non-Conformist?


Everybody knows a non-conformist, right? They are the rebels, the outlaws, the mavericks of this world. These are the people who flaunt all the rules, question everything, and who seemingly have nothing but contempt for authority. 

Some people see them as anarchists, dissidents, insubordinate, and defiant. But generally, they are really good people. 

What? How come someone who goes against pretty much everything that society creates, supports, and encourages be described as ‘good’? It’s because it’s true! 

Consider these qualities of non-conformists: 

1. They will fight against injustice. Their disdain with the way things are also carries with it a very strong moral compass and a strong drive to beat injustice, wherever and however it manifests. 

  • They will not stand by and see someone suffer. They will defend complete strangers, stand up and speak out against oppression and aggressors for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. 

2. They are great leaders. If you are looking for someone to lead a team, a non-conformist would be a good choice. 

  • Of course, you cannot expect to control a non-conformist. That would be out of the question. And don’t give them any rules to follow either. The only rules they are interested in following are those they establish themselves. But they do get things done. 

3. They are people of action.If you are looking for someone to lead a unique project, pioneer a new division, or go into uncharted territory and blaze a trail, your best bet is to find a non-conformist … and then tell him it can’t be done. 

  • It will be done alright! It will be done well, on time, and with some significant panache too! 

Resistance to the Status Quo 

Non-conformists have a tremendous resistance to maintaining the status quo. 

The fact that tried and tested procedures are commendable means nothing to them. They would interpret those procedures as being ‘stuck in the past thinking’that has no relevance NOW, and they will always seek to change things, simply because they can. It’s usually for the better too. 

They have an extraordinary ability to think on their feet, resolve challenges, deal with difficult situations, and placate difficult people, because all of these things come under the broad banner of ‘injustice’ in a non-conformist’s mind. 

Injustice is just one of the things they will not tolerate. There are others: 

1. They will not tolerate anyone shouting at them, talking down to them, or trying to belittle them. They will not allow anyone in their presence to suffer it either. 

  • You cannot beat a non-conformist with this approach, because you will never win. Their razor-sharp mind and ability to think on their feet will bury anyone who tries to take them on. 

2. Avoid trying to cheat them or doing anything that they might interpret as cheating. Your word MUST be your bond, as it is more valuable than any contract or agreement. 

  • If you try and cheat them, they will never forget it, and sooner or later you will suffer. The non-conformist’s idea of justice towards dishonesty carries with it a level of vindictiveness beyond your wildest imagination. 

3. Rules. They have a contempt for compliance. They resist because it’s just a form of rules that they were not party to and therefore they have no relevance in the non-conformist’s mind. 

Do not expect them to bow, as they never will. 

On the positive side, a non-conformist has a depth of loyalty you will never have experienced before. Once you have a non-conformist on your side you will never, ever be alone, and that is likely to be for a lifetime. They never forget trust and loyalty, and you can always count on their support. 

Can You Handle the Truth? 

Non-conformists like to tell it like it is. They like truth and honesty in all things. They will say what’s on their mind and in their heart and they will say it with gusto. It’s not that they’re incapable of diplomacy – they are. It’s just that it’s not their highest priority. 

If you want someone to lead, if you want someone who inspires others and has the capability of touching others’ souls, you will find that all those qualities come as standard for a non-conformist. But you have to give them the space and grace to move in, without interference. 

What Really Drives a Non-Conformist is Freedom 

They value freedom above all things: 

  • Freedom to do what they want, where they want, when they want, and with whom they want 
  • Freedom to speak their mind
  • Freedom to stand up for others wherever and whenever they are needed 
  • Freedom to be completely independent of any restrictions at all in the way they live their life 

If you can live with that, or even only tolerate it, you will have a friend for life, and you will be amazed at what can be accomplished together! 

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