Why Success Habits Must Evolve


Success habits should not be set in stone. In fact, they must and do constantly evolve. As you grow and change so do your habits because you will be redefining your goals and plans.

For you to be successful in creating success habits it is essential that you know what you want to achieve and why you want it. You need to committed to creating it and this requires you to understand why it is important to you. How it will change you and your life.

Of course you have created a plan and there is an end goal. However, it is crucial that you evaluate your plan every day to ensure that you are on the right path. There is no point continuing to aim for something that you no longer desire as you will lose the commitment and focus required to achieve it.

Success habits require commitment and focus. To maintain these, you need a positive mind-set and to be emotionally invested in achieving your goal. Without these you will lose interest and momentum. Eventually, you will allow negative self-talk and behaviors to interfere with your practice and plans.

If your end goal changes then put the new goal into your plan and re-check every step to ensure that you remain committed and able to achieve the goal.

It may be that your original goal was to wake at 6.00 am every day as this would give you 2 extra hours before the start of your normal working day’s routine. Waking early is a success habit adopted by the majority of successful people as they understand the importance of time and routine. You may find that 2 hours is not enough time to complete the tasks that you feel are essential for reaching your goal and that you feel stressed and inefficient instead of positive and well planned.

You could re-plan and go to bed slightly earlier so that you can get up at 5.00 am. This would give you an extra hour in the morning to complete the tasks you feel are essential for a successful start to your day.

Your day should start in a positive way. This sets you up for success from the start. You need to develop a morning routine that works for you. It should include a healthy nutritious breakfast as well as something that will provide positive motivation for the day ahead. This will probably involve you trialling different activities such as exercise, reading, listening to audio recordings, studying, yoga, self-hypnosis, visualization or using positive affirmations.

It is important that you find what works for you. This will take trial and error. It may also involve using different methods depending on the habit you are trying to create and the end goal you are aiming for. Being flexible is crucial. Flexibility ensures that when change occurs you view it in a positive light, accept it and go with it.

As you change and grow creating the success you desire you will want to evaluate which success habits you need. Don’t be afraid to change them as the changes you make will create more commitment and focus. For your ultimate goal to be achieved you need to undertake constant evaluation of your mind-set, your habits, strengths, weaknesses, motivation and goal. This constant re-evaluation will help you create success habits that work for you and not against you.

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