DAS Rewards

The tables below show how you can earn Credits by simply interacting with other members of the DuckboardsAndStilts.com community on this website. The more active you are, the more you will be rewarded.

Earned Credits may be exchanged for Coins which may be withdrawn as Cash credits to your eWallet in your DuckboardsAndStilts account, at a rate shown on the appropriate withdrawal form.

Members may also earn bonus coins directly by becoming affiliates of this website. Click here to learn how to become an affiliate.

(Note: The administrators reserve the right to change all applicable exchange rates at anytime without notice)


2 Coin Awards

  • 10 Coins for becoming an affiliate
  • 5 Coins when you get a referral sign up


16 Credit Awards

  • 10 Credits log into website
  • 1 Credits for following 3 people
  • 1 Credits when 3 people follow you
  • 10 Credits for sending 10 invitation emails
  • 5 Credits for getting an invited user registered
  • 10 Credits to register from an email invitation register
  • 5 Credits for completing 100% of your profile
  • 5 Credits when you get a friendship request accepted
  • 2 Credits when you send 10 friendship requests
  • 1 Credits when you accept a friendship request
  • 1 Credits when you send or reply to private messages
  • 5 Credits for writing 5 activity stream messages
  • 1 Credits when you reply to an activity stream message
  • 5 Credits when your complete a course quiz
  • 10 Credits when you enrol on a course
  • 10 Credits when you complete a course

3 Credit Deductions

  • -10 Credits when you remove a friendship
  • -10 Credits when you remove an activity stream message
  • -10 credits when you stop following someone


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