30 Minutes to Greater Success: Winning Routines to Start and End Your Day



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Everyone has routines they follow, but some routines are more successful than others. The star at work has a routine, as does the employee on the verge of being fired. Your slim, fit neighbor has a different routine from your obese friend. 

Routines are important, because much of success is the result of small actions over long periods of time. It’s not possible to lose 50 pounds or rise from the mailroom to the executive suite in a week. Those with more exciting results have more effective routines. It can be that simple. 

What are a few of your routines? 

Think about the segments of your life that are repeated on a daily basis. For most of us, this will include getting ready for work, the first part of work, the last part of work, and our evening routine. You already have a routine for these parts of your life, but have you been thoughtful about them and attempted to construct routines that help to support your goals? 

You might think that thirty minutes isn’t enough time to accomplish anything worthwhile. But the benefit of thirty-minute routines over months and years is spectacular. Consistently being on time, prepared, and spending your work time intelligently and productively separates the successful from the average. 

If you think you can’t spare the time, keep in mind that you’re already spending the time and you already have routines. Purposefully constructing routines that make sense is much more effective. 

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