How to Remove Toxic People From Your Life




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There’s an old saying: “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” 

The meaning behind those words are powerful. The truth is, the people you select as friends are a reflection of you, your preferences, and your values. So if 8 of your friends were to arrive at an event and all 8 were vegetarians who protested against people who wore fur, then I might assume that you’re a vegetarian and an anti-fur-wearing advocate, too. 

You’ve probably heard that other famous phrase, “Guilty by association.” The same premise applies. If you hang around someone who robs houses, even if you personally have never committed a robbery, the police or neighbors might look twice at you, just because you’re friends with a small time crook. 

Are these assumptions fair? Maybe not, but it does beg the question if a person doesn’t share the beliefs and values of their friends, why call them friends anyway? 

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