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According to Wikipedia, emotional intelligence is “the capability of individuals to recognize their own 

emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goals.” 

You probably know someone that is highly intelligent from an intellectual standpoint but struggles with life. This is often a person with low emotional intelligence. Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you can make you way through the world successfully. 

Those with high levels of emotional intelligence also have control over their thoughts and emotions. They both go hand- in-hand. This makes it obvious why emotionally intelligent people are usually quite successful. They get along well with others and have mastery over themselves. 

By boosting the right components of emotional intelligence, you can gain mastery over your thoughts and emotions. 

Consider the topics in this ebook as a way to learn more about yourself and your options for enhancing your mastery over your thoughts and emotions:

Chapter 1: What Having High Emotional Intelligence Can Do for You.
There are numerous advantages you’ll enjoy from increasing your emotional intelligence. Find out how important emotional intelligence is to success and fulfillment.

 Chapter 2: The 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence. Most experts agree there are five primary pieces to the emotional intelligence puzzle. See which of these matter if you want to master your thoughts and emotions.

Chapter 3: How to Master Self- Awareness. You’re not nearly as self-
aware as you think. Find out what makes you tick by learning how to pay attention. You might be shocked by what you discover.

Chapter 4: Self-Regulation. How much control do you have over your thoughts, emotions, and actions? Learn how you can develop more.

Chapter 5: Become a Master of Focus. Ability to focus is an important skill. If you can’t focus, you’ll struggle to get anything done. The most successful people have a highly developed ability to focus their attention for an extended period of time.

Chapter 6: Motivation. Are you motivated intrinsically or extrinsically? Why does it matter? You’ll discover the differences and the relevance.

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