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Ask the average person how they view public relations and you’ll likely hear one of two basic ideas:

  1. Public relations firms and departments help large corporations deal with a crisis that gives the public a negative opinion of them.
  2. The same as #1 but insert a famous person in the place of “large corporations”. This could be an actor, politician, musician, broadcaster, athlete, or other well-known individual.

However, public relations are much more than that. While the average business owner doesn’t own a company large enough to employ a full-time public relations staff, public relations is still important, even for a small business.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this guide:

  1. CHAPTER 1: Know Your Audience. This chapter will demonstrate the value of understanding and remembering those that are making judgements about your company. Knowing and understanding your audience will allow you to optimize your image and your company’s image. 
  2. CHAPTER 2: Using Social Media as a PR Tool. Social media is a blessing for business owners. It provides a way of easily connecting with customers and sharing information. You’ll learn the basics of taking control of your social media presence. 
  3. CHAPTER 3: How to Get Yourself Into the Media. Telling people that your company is great is one thing. Getting someone else to do it for you is much better! 
  4. CHAPTER 4: Reputation Management. Even small companies will benefit from managing their reputations. 
  5. CHAPTER 5: The First Steps. You’ve learned a lot. Now it’s time to begin putting it into action. The first steps can be the hardest, but everyone has to start somewhere. 
  6. CHAPTER 6: The Next Steps. You have a foundation. Let’s take it to the next level!

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