Declutter Your Mind




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The word decluttering is normally applied to housekeeping. In a household setting, decluttering refers to cleaning, general tidying, and eliminating things from the home or office that have become useless or obsolete. 

The same concept can be applied to your mind. It’s the process of lowering the burden on your mind by eliminating unnecessary worry and thoughts. 

Much of your misery is due to mental clutter. You might have a great life by conventional standards. A nice home, good career, happy family, and a lot of great “stuff.” 

Your mental clutter can be enough to nullify all of those wonderful things. 

Luckily, however, your mental clutter is under your control. 

This ebook will show you how to address all the factors that could be contributing to your mental clutter.  Your thoughts and mental habits are the biggest culprits, but you also need to pay attention to the triggers that create mental static, such as your environment, the people in your life, and distractions.

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