Financial Security Q&A for Retirees



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Even though you have several decades of experience behind you when it comes to budgeting and managing your finances, you might find yourself facing some new challenges when you retire. 

It’s still important to maintain a comfortable balance between your income, spending, and savings, but your priorities for these different areas change when you stop working. 

These are the main challenges you’ll most likely face as a retiree: 

  • Relying on an income other than your paycheck and finding a way to live within your means, now that your income has changed 
  • Finding a balance between paying off your existing debt and borrowing to maintain your lifestyle 
  • Getting access to the health care you need without draining your finances 
  • Helping your children financially and making some plans for your estate 

Needless to say, retirement has a big impact on your finances! 

Inside this ebook – a Q & A of essential questions and answers for financial security in retirement – you’ll discover how you can enjoy your retirement, stay in control of your finances, and help your family without being overwhelmed by the difficult decisions of retirement. 

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