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Confidence, Self Esteem and Self Care Affirmation Reflection NFT.

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I acknowledge my sensitive side. 😊 I recognize the importance of my sensitive side. I understand it shapes me as a person and influences my decisions. I am grateful I have a sensitive side that allows me to feel empathy and sympathy. 😌 I am in tune with my emotional and physical sides. 🌟 My sensitive side helps me connect with people. It helps me understand their lives and challenges. It allows me to see the world from their point of view and experience. 💞 I am grateful that my sensitive side helps me notice the details around me. I pay attention to the small nuances in my world. I see how emotions affect all of us. My strong feelings are an asset. 🙌 I value my sensitivity and feelings. I view them as gifts from the universe. 🎁 My sensitive side helps me feel what others are feeling. It helps me experience a wide range of emotions. 🌈 My feelings are in balance. I am able to navigate my emotions and avoid being hurt by others. My sensitive side still allows me to have boundaries. I decide who is able to affect my feelings. 💪 I am aware of the joy, pain, and ambivalence in others. 🌻 Today, I am grateful for my sensitive side and the emotions I feel. I am thankful I have a sensitive soul. 🙏 Self-Reflection Questions: 🤔 1, How can I avoid being hurt by others? 🛡️ 2, What can I do to balance sympathy with action to help others? 🤝 3, How can I teach others to embrace their sensitive side? 🌱


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