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Being a great boss is part skill and part art. If you’re a great boss, your employees will love to work for you. Most importantly, being a great boss is one of the best ways to accelerate your career. Being a good boss is much more than making your employees happy. It’s also more than driving them hard and bleeding every last corpuscle of productivity from them. 

Being a good boss is like a tightrope act. Happy, capable employees that will go to the mat for you is the objective. Is it possible to have happy employees that are working hard to help you impress your boss? Absolutely. 

Within reason, the more you do for your employees, the more they’re willing to do for you. Forget about bribery. It doesn’t work, at least not for long. 

If you’re a great boss, you’re making your boss happy while your employees are simultaneously making you happy. 

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