Investment Strategies To Grow Your Assets



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Regardless of how much money one has, it seems that everyone wants even greater wealth. One way to accomplish this is through the growth of assets. 

While there are many strategies that lead to asset growth, all of these strategies are really dependent on three things: 

1. How much money one invests. Clearly, the more money you invest, the more likely you are to attain a significant level of assets. 

  • Are you investing all that you can? 

2. The achieved growth rate on that money. The difference between earning 12% versus 8% over an extended period of time is significant. 

  • Can you deal with the risk that comes with higher returns? Are you willing to educate yourself to the necessary level to earn higher returns? 

3. The length of time of the investment. Time plays a huge role in asset growth. On the average, your assets will double on their own approximately every 6-7 years with aggressive investment strategies. 

The real challenge to building wealth has little to do with understanding principles, but rather lies with a long-term and consistent application of those principles. This is the reason so few people are able to build significant wealth. Knowledge that is not applied consistently has no practical value. 

So, the good news is that there are really only two steps to growing your assets: 

  1. Make investing rules for yourself. Take advantage of the above principles to make rules for yourself about how much you can invest, getting a good rate of return, and time.
  2. Consistently abide by those rules. It’s like losing weight. If you eat less and move more, then you will lose weight. Everyone knows this, but how many overweight people do you see every day? Consistency is critical for success.

Unfortunately, while these rules are easy to create and understand, most people find them very challenging to live by on a regular basis. 

This ebook reveals a 9-Step Strategy you can follow to help you consistently take advantage of these investment principles

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