The Augustan Building Programme

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E book about the first Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar and his ambitious building programme for the Rome. A study of his rise to power and how architecture was linked to the new imperial regime.   A paperback is available to buy on request and can be shipped to addresses within the UK with an additional payment of $2.50 towards postage and packaging.  Contact me if you reside outside the UK and I will look into postage costs.



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This is an analysis of the Augustan building programme with reference to the motivations, aims, and achievements of Augustus during his long reign as Roman Emperor, which was effectively from 31 BC after the defeat of Mark Anthony, through to his death in 14 AD. Included in the discussions, aside from the direct influences and policies of the Augustan regime, will be the other political, social, economic and religious influences upon the Augustan building programme. The focus will be on the various objectives of the Augustan building programme such as the commemoration of events and the demonstration of political and military power, plus propaganda messages.


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