What do you mean they played football before 1992? The beautiful game before the Premier League and the European Champions League

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I always said to myself that I would never write about football. After all I thought it would be difficult to write anything original or objective about the beautiful game. Countless millions of words are written about the game every single day in many different languages such is the global appeal of 22 people kicking a ball around.
So it roughly took me 75 days to research, write and proof read this work. To put it another way that is 20 days longer than Liz Truss was Prime Minister and 31 days longer than Brian Clough’s stint as Leeds United manager in 1974. Mind you Cloughie was deliberately winding up the Leeds board, while Truss just seems dimmer than a light bulb that has just been stood on. By a very tall and heavy centre half at that.



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