Keyword Research 101



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Keyword research is an integral part of your SEO strategy. Before creating content for your site, you should know what search terms your audience uses to find your content. Their search terms are the keywords you want to use to drive more traffic to your site.

Keyword research is important because it matches up the search terms your audience uses with the words you include in your content so that it can be found by your audience. When you have the right keywords in place, you can write high-quality, value-packed, practical, and findable content.

This guide will give you some great jumping-off points for starting your own keyword research. In time, you’ll develop your own tricks and methods and find your favorite tools and strategies for tackling keyword research. It’s an ongoing process and will be constantly evolving.

Keyword research is a continual process of gathering insights to help you have the best strategy you can for SEO and marketing purposes.

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