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Emotional intelligence isn’t the only thing that matters if you want to be part of a successful relationship, but it counts for a lot. Those with low emotional intelligence consistently disappoint their partners emotionally. 

If you have low emotional intelligence, you are a threat to the self-esteem of everyone around you. 

Those with low emotional intelligence have several tell-tale signs:

  • They are unable to accurately read the emotions of others. 
  • They are not in control of their feelings. 
  • They behave and speak inappropriately. 
  • They lack the ability, or interest, in sympathizing or empathizing with others.
  • They often lack assertiveness.
  • They have poor self-control.

Fortunately, emotional intelligence is highly alterable. Unlike your IQ, your emotional intelligence can be raised through education and effort. You can literally train yourself to be more emotionally intelligent. Some people are born emotionally intelligent, but others have to learn this important set of skills. 

This means you can greatly improve your ability to be part of a successful relationship. By the end of this eBook, you’ll know how to enhance your emotional intelligence and spot it in others. 

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