The Rise of Ronald Farter and the Presidential Election of 2072: A Satire of American Politics


Ronald Farter could not believe that he was on the verge of winning the US Presidency, he was after all a political outsider. He was neither the Democratic or Republican candidate and did not particularly stand for anything. Both factors should have been a major disadvantage in their own right. Yet he could listen, and he could compromise if those were the best ways to resolve issues.


Furthermore, not all his ancestors were even American, he was not even sure how they sneaked into the country. One of his great grandparents had even been in a trade union. His grandfather on his mother’s side preferred soccer to football. How un-American was that?

Ronnie had only decided to get in politics about five years ago, during the campaign for the last presidential election. The people that were seeking the Oval Office on both the Democratic and Republican sides had quite frankly scared the living daylights out of him.

If those people were the brightest and the best that the United States had to offer them it was time to get his passport out and go visit his relatives in England. He liked the fish and chips not to mention the chicken Balti curries they made in Birmingham.



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