15 Easy Ways to Become More Dateable

more dateableOnline dating is easy, but it could be hazardous to your social skills. You know how to sound poised typing on your keyboard, but you may shrink away from striking up a conversation at the coffee shop or introducing yourself to a new neighbor.

You can double your chances of finding love by using your offline hours as effectively as you use your time online. Find out how to meet more singles and create an instant connection that could develop into something more.

Increasing Your Opportunities

You’re unlikely to meet your true love while you’re sitting on your couch watching TV.

Try these ideas to go where you can find lots of other singles:

1. Attend local events. Hang out at the ballpark or a folk music festival. Chat with your neighbors in between innings or sets. You’re bound to have at least one interest in common.

2. Attend a class. Spending a semester together will give you more time to develop a relationship. Ask a nearby university about their policy for auditing classes or browse through brochures you receive at work for outside training.

3. Join a club. Special interest clubs are another great place to spend time with other adults who share your passions. If the choices seem limited, start your own Meetup group.

4. Go shopping. If you’re a booklover, find out who else is lingering in the psychology or cooking section. Ask them if they’ve read anything good lately.

5. Walk your dog. A cute pet will attract attention. That way you can introduce yourself to fellow animal lovers.

6. Travel soloStop putting off your dream vacation until you’re married. Being in an unfamiliar place can encourage you to try new things and ask strangers for advice.

7. Volunteer in your community. Closer to home, you can support your library or campaign for a city council member. Ask other volunteers why they got involved.

8. Work out. Sign up for a softball league where you can burn calories and enjoy the outdoors. You’ll have plenty of chances to bond with your teammates during the games and afterwards when you head out for pizza and beer.

9. Ask your friends. Let your friends know you’d appreciate being set up. Be gracious whether you have a good time or chalk it up as a learning experience.

Making a Positive First Impression

Congratulations on taking the first step! Once you’ve spotted a promising candidate, you it’s time to figure out what to do next.

Consider these proven tips:

1. Reach out. Strike up a conversation. Comment on what’s going on around you or offer a sincere compliment.

2. Watch your body language. If you’re a little shy, you can make it easier for others to approach you. Smile and make eye contact. Stand up tall and open your arms out to the side so you appear confident.

3. Take risks. Give yourself credit for having the courage to be rejected. Most adults will probably be flattered by your attention, and you can move on if someone doesn’t feel like talking.

4. Be authentic. Let others get to know the real you. Remember that your goal is to find someone who will love and accept you as you are.

5. Focus on others. At the same time, dating feels less awkward when you take the spotlight off yourself. Consider how you can make the other person feel special and valued. You’ll probably wind up having more fun.

6. Go slow. Be patient. Love may not blossom overnight, but you can speed up the process by sticking to your values and being your true self.

Put down your devices and try interacting with other singles in your daily life. You can meet potential dating partners anywhere you go.

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