8 Reasons Why You’re Still Single


still-singleWhile a few people prefer being single, most single men and women would prefer to have a partner. If you’ve been single for a long time, there’s a reason. On some level, it’s your choice.

It’s time to take the bull by the horns and examine your situation honestly. Only then can you make the necessary changes and find the love of your life.

Determine why you’re still single:

1. You’re attracted to those who are inappropriate for you. Do you dream of a happy marriage with children and a cute little ranch on a corner lot? Yet you find yourself attractive to hardcore bikers that spend three years out of five in prison?

  • Maybe you’re attracted to guys that are totally committed to their careers, or women that are broken and need saving.
  • Perhaps you’re single because you’re only interested in others that don’t make good relationship material. You should ask yourself why.

2. You’re too picky. There aren’t too many Brad Pitts running around. Setting your standards too high will ensure that they’re never met. Consider the criteria you use while searching for a mate. Perhaps you’re focused on the wrong things. What do you truly need to be happy?

3. Your self-esteem is too low. We tend to date on our level, or at least what we think is our level. If you don’t think very much of yourself, you’ll date people that aren’t necessarily high-quality relationship material. Raise your self-esteem and the quality of your dates will increase, too.

4. You’re comfortable with your routine. The older you get, the less appealing it is to change your routine, no matter how great the other person seems. You might like staying in on Saturday nights, watching old Star Trek reruns, and eating frozen pizza. Heaven forbid you wind up with a partner that wants to go out for pizza and watch a movie on the big screen.

  • You might enjoy your current routine. At the very least, it’s safe, and you don’t hate it. But you might enjoy a new routine with someone special even more.

5. You’re afraid of intimacy. It can be scary getting close to someone else. They eventually know all your secrets. They might even decide to leave at some point. You’re already alone. You know how to handle it. Take a chance on being part of a couple.

6. It’s not a priority for you. It takes some work to find the right person unless you’re lucky. If you’re more concerned with work, spending time with friends, and hitting the gym, a long-term relationship might not be in the cards right now. When your priorities change, a relationship will be possible.

7. Your activities are contrary to finding a partner. Sitting on the couch won’t you help you find a partner. You have to interact with others that have the same objective. Dating websites and apps make this easier than ever.

  • Some women believe that a man should pursue them while they passively bask in the attention. But he can’t shower you with attention if he doesn’t know you exist. If you want to share your life with someone, take action to find them.

8. You’re difficult to be around. Some people are easier to be with than others. If you’re moody, bossy, demanding, or disagreeable in general, you’ll have fewer options. Men and women can both be guilty of this.

If you’ve been single for an extended period of time, but your desire is to have a relationship, your approach needs a little tweak. Be honest with yourself and make a few changes. The perfect person for you is out there, so make finding them a priority.