A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Weight Loss


wedding-weight-lossFor many couples who are planning a wedding, dieting is as important as picking out a china pattern or choosing a honeymoon destination. More than 70% of engaged women want to lose weight before the big day, and the average goal is about 15 to 20 pounds.

There’s a lot of pressure to look good walking down the aisle, but crash diets and other extreme measures can backfire. Learn how to lose weight safely, and stay fit together for years to come.

Tips to Use Before the Wedding Day

Fad diets may seem tempting when you’re desperate to squeeze into your grandmother’s wedding dress or admiring photographs of celebrities in strapless gowns. On the other hand, you need your energy when you’re planning a wedding on top of your usual workload.

1. Start early. Losing weight gradually will position you for long-term success. You’ll avoid yo-yo dieting and nutritional deficiencies.

2. Set short-term goals. Stay on track by breaking your total goal down into weekly or monthly targets. That way you can make adjustments in time if you’re falling behind.

3. Limit alcohol. You’ll probably be doing a lot of pre-wedding entertaining. Stick to lower-calorie drinks like wine or a Bloody Mary. Remember that alcohol can lower your resistance to junk foods.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. One of the simplest ways to choose nutrient-dense foods is to fill your plate with fresh produce. Aim for 5 to 9 servings each day.

5. Prevent hunger. Rushing from dress fittings to bridal showers will work up your appetite. Drink lots of water and carry around light snacks like carrot sticks so you won’t want to fill up on chips and fried mozzarella sticks.

6. Schedule workouts. Prioritize your exercise. Block out time on your calendar for yoga classes and morning runs.

7. Hire a trainer. A personal trainer can be a sound investment. You’ll be less likely to skip workouts when you’ve paid in advance, and you’ll receive feedback on how you’re doing.

8. Manage stress. Dealing with seating charts and caterers can interfere with your sleep and trigger hormones that increase fat levels. Find constructive ways to relax like meditation and long walks.

Tips to Use After the Wedding Day

The average newlywed gains about 20 pounds due to changes in lifestyle, according to a study by Ohio State University.

You can beat the odds and hold onto your figure as well as your spouse:

1. Dine at home. While it’s great to have a dinner companion, restaurant meals typically contain more calories and fat than your own home cooking. Enjoy delicious recipes at home where you can control the ingredients.

2. Turn off the TV. Married couples tend to sit around more watching TV. After all, you may now be following Monday night football as well as Downton Abbey. Consider taking up an activity that will get you out of the house like playing tennis or collecting antiques.

3. Reduce portions. Women can be especially vulnerable to weight gain if you start serving yourself the same fare as your husband. You probably burn fewer calories, so cut the portions down to size.

4. Encourage each other. Of course, there are also advantages to being married if you’re both devoted to staying fit. Couples gym memberships are usually cheaper than individual rates, and you can cheer each other on.

Live healthy ever after by shedding pounds the sensible way before you get married and supporting each other in staying fit. Vow to manage your weight, eat a balanced diet, and exercise regularly.

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