Challenges Teach Me Valuable Lessons


When I encounter challenging situations, I avoid running away from them. Being able to face obstacles gives me a chance to overcome them. 

There are valuable lessons to be learned from trying circumstances. My strength is tested and renewed with each hurdle in front of me. I am a force to be reckoned with because I use experiences to strengthen my heart and soul. 

Emotional hurdles are difficult because they are personal. I recognize that there are times when it is best to put my feelings aside. 

Managing overwhelming feelings while going through life teaches me to balance. I avoid breaking down in the midst of situations that require my focus. Taking this approach helps me to keep control of my emotions. 

Creativity is a valuable lesson that comes from challenges. When I am at a crossroads I am forced to think quickly and choose a path. 

Making decisions at work shows me that I am able to prioritize. I learn how to balance all sides of a tough situation before making a fair decision. 

When I am faced with uncertainty, I avoid panicking. I realize that keeping my cool in times of doubt sharpens my judgment. 

Today, I embrace the lessons that I learn from facing my difficulties. I know that I am poised to grow with each challenge I tackle head on. My focus is on learning something new about myself each day. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What process do I follow to search for the lessons in difficulty?
  2. How do I determine which challenges I ought to walk away from?
  3. How well am I able to apply previous lessons to new challenging situations?
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